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צור קשר
Algorithms Developer/ Data Scientist
קוד משרה: 1255
קטגוריה: מחקר ואלגוריתמים
תיאור: develop both proto-types an production data intensive algorithms solutions. In this capacity you will have a chance to tackle some of the most complex problems in social graphs and social influence, using cutting edge big data infrastructure tools and the coolest data on earth. Once productionalize, your solutions will serve the biggest consumers facing companies out there.


• 3 years’ hands on experience with SQL
• 3 years’ hands on experience with scripting, statistical modeling and machine learning tools (such as Python or R)
• Understanding of machine learning techniques in classification and prediction
• B.Sc in Computer Science, Mathematics or related subjects; M.Sc - an advantage
• Hands on experience with software development (experience in Java - an advantage)
• Experience in data mining
• Experience in social networks analysis – an advantage
איזור גיאוגרפי: גוש דן
תאריך פרסום: 20/06/2018
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