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צור קשר
לחברת אינטרנט דרוש/ה Data scientist - Deep Learning
קוד משרה: 1355
קטגוריה: מחקר ואלגוריתמים
תיאור: Details:
Data mining for patterns and working with the backend team to create algorithms to leverage the findings in an actionable way
Pragmatic problem solving - Work on optimization platform with provan results either by improving existing algorithms or developing new ones
Develop deep learning algorithms
Work closely with CTO
Required skills:
Experience with Python and Python data science toolkits
Advatage - Experience with Deep Learning
Understanding of Bayesian and frequentist statistical methods
Relevant academic degree
איזור גיאוגרפי: גוש דן
תאריך פרסום: 26/05/2017
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